Another Round of Random Thoughts

  • I have this big Newbery post that I’ve started, but it’s taking forever to finish.  Eventually, you’ll get to see my work on that.
  • I’ve been working on crafts for fall programs, and I’m really glad that the flexibility of this job allows me to help out!
  • Today, I spoke to a local Kiwanis club about my babytime program, and they voted to sponsor us!  Hurray!  I’ll be ordering toys from here.  They are my fave.
  • I’m planning my fall programs and cannot wait until Anime Club starts in October.  We’ve been accepted to Operation Anime, a program that allows for free screenings.  It will be interesting to see how big the group is, and if we get kids from our entire 5-branch system to attend.
  • The Children & Young People’s Division Conference is coming up at the end of this month.  I’m on the board, and if you are an Indiana librarian, you should most definitely attend.  Our theme this year is “Free Your Mind”, and we’ve got all sorts of intellectual freedom speakers, as well as E. Lockhart, Alex Sanchez, and Alexis O’Neill.
  • Speaking of CYPD, I am running for the Indiana Library Federation board this fall, sponsored by CYPD, in order to represent the MANY, MANY children’s and YA librarians in the state.  Please vote for me if you are an ILF member, and are so inclined.  I believe ballots come out in September some time.

4 Responses to “Another Round of Random Thoughts”

  1. I love Lakeshore Learning, too!
    And I signed up for Operation Anime and requested a title, but I have never actually heard anything from them… Hmm…
    AND of course you have my vote! Children’s folk represent! 😀

    • As of Kate Says:

      I don’t know why you haven’t heard from Operation Anime… of course, I haven’t requested a title, yet. All I got was my “yes, you’re in!” email. So, we’ll see. Also, thanks in advance for voting for me. 🙂

  2. Hey, just wanted to thank you for getting THE PULL OF GRAVITY into Sarah’s hands. She’s going to be teaching it to all of her 10th graders, and I’ll Skype in with her in the spring.

    Thanks so much for the word of mouth!


    • As of Kate Says:

      You are so very welcome! She told me that she taught “Of Mice & Men” and I knew it was a perfect fit… not to mention the fact that she rabidly devours new YA fiction. I’m glad to have such a great book to introduce to my teens and teachers, too.

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