Even More Random Thoughts


  • We are almost through the second week of programs for our Summer Reading Club.  I had SIXTEEN teenagers on Saturday for art class.  I think that may be a personal record for a teen program, so I am really thrilled.  I’m also excited that a few of them expressed interested in an Anime/Manga club, so I have some more ideas on how to reach out to the teens in my community(s)!


  • My lapsit program has been going well, and the moms have requested that I extend the session length for the next set of programs.  We don’t really have a lot of moms’ groups around here, so I think they are thankful for the opportunity to connect with other parents.  One mom even thanked me for facilitating their relationships as well as working with the babies, so I feel like I’m reaching the goals I had set for myself in that program.


  • I’ve also been assisting with Storyhour (3-5 yr olds) and Kids’ Art Classes (K-5th grade).  It’s been great to get to know more of the kids and families, and I even got a hug after Storyhour yesterday.  Overall, it’s been a good 1.5 weeks of programs!

One Response to “Even More Random Thoughts”

  1. It sounds like your summer programs are off to a great start! I miss those storytime hugs, but not the little one who enjoyed rubbing my stocking-covered legs while he listened at my feet. : – )

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