VERY LAST Teen Book Festival Post: Melissa de la Cruz & Elizabeth Scott

The last two authors I’ve left to report about presented together.  There were a lot of questions from the audience, but it was really interesting to hear what they’d like us to know about them.  Overall, I’m so glad I was able to go to this awesome, FREE conference again, and I can’t wait until next year!

  • Melissa de la Cruz loves book trailers, and there are very professional ones for her Blue Bloods series here (just search “Blue Bloods”).
  • Both authors said they did a lot of their early writing at their “day jobs.”
  • Elizabeth Scott wrote Living Dead Girl in 9 days, slept for about three hours, and loved the feeling of having a book “pour out of [her]”.  Even though this is her most serious book, she said it was the most fun to write.
  • Melissa said Schuyler, the main character in the Blue Bloods series, is a lot like she was as a young teen.
  • She also addressed the vampire trend by saying that when the first book was purchased by a publisher, she went to the bookstore and saw Twilight on the shelf.  Her vampires are much different from others, so she’s not particularly concerned that she may be just a part of the vampire wave.

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