More Random Thoughts

  • Yesterday, I got a phone call that made my day.  Gae Polisner, debut author of the recently published The Pull of Gravity, wanted to let me know her book was on a local English teacher’s summer reading list.  I’m sure I sounded completely ridiculous on the phone; I was in mild shock that an author with a write-up in the NY Times was actually checking to be sure my library had ordered copies of her book.  AND THEN, said English teacher tweeted about our copies.  So I got a little gushy and excited on twitter, and ended up with an invitation to attend his classroom’s Skype with Ms. Polisner, a follow from said author, requests for field trips and booktalks, and the need to jump up and down and do a happy fangirl dance.


  • It’s the calm before the storm.  Our Summer Reading programs start next Monday, and I’ll be doing a lapsit program to start our branch’s offerings.  Storytime butterflies are like no other butterflies, and no matter how many programs I do I still get them before every session.


  • I’m working on snatching more time to read throughout my day.  I got away from the habit of doing that for a while, and now it is taking FOREVER to finish books that would usually take a day or two.  My goal is to get at least 31 books off of my to-read list by the end of July, and that’s not including very many new releases.  *sigh* Not enough hours in the day, I tell you!

3 Responses to “More Random Thoughts”

  1. I still get storytime butterflies before each session, too. 🙂
    And that is AWESOME about Gae Polisner!

  2. Aunt Honey Says:

    Kate how exciting for you. I’m sure your session will be great!

  3. That means you are like the 2nd cousin to FAMOUS! But then again, you already were in “these parts!”

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